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I am an artist, teacher, and scholar of education. In addition to these, I cherish the titles of being a father, husband, son, and sibling. I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, eating good food, and learning from others. I have a deep gratitude for the many people that have shaped my life and I try my best to repay them by being kind and open to new perspectives and experiences.


I am currently pursuing a PhD in Art Education at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Before pursuing a PhD, I enjoyed teaching middle school art classes in public schools in Utah. I have an interest in the space where disciplines overlap and examining the affordances these spaces provide for education and art making. This interdisciplinary interest I attribute to my parents, who are both professors, one of ethnobotany and one of art. My current research interests include museum studies, reinterpreting the idea of archives and collections, cultural heritage, critical pedagogies, and curriculum development.




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